Add Convenience to Your Building

with Automatic Doors

avera new entrance (outside looking in)

Automatic doors are an ideal solution for commercial spaces managing a high amount of foot traffic or deliveries. Our automatic systems make it simple for anyone to enter or exit, especially if their hands are full or they have a mobility issue. The use of automatic doors also eliminates one of the most common touchpoints in a facility, reducing the concerns of safety and sanitization requirements. Our AAADM certified technicians can seamlessly install and service automatic doors of any type. We will engineer an automatic system precisely matched to specific requirements for your unique space and needs. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or are new to automatic systems, we are ready to assist anyway we can.

  • Overhead & surface mount automatic operators
  • Electro-mechanical & Electro-hydraulic
  • Automatic Swing Door Operators
  • Touchless Automatic Door Operators
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Telescoping Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Revolving Automatic Doors
  • Automatic Door Service and Installation


James Peterson, Estimator

Brandon Holweger, Sales